E.C. Glass Boys Tennis - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Lynchburg - Today's high school Team of the Week is the E.C. Glass boys tennis team. The Hilltoppers, defending state champions, are hoping to make it back-to-back titles. Glass is now 21-and-0 after Wednesday's 5-0 region semifinal win over Dominion. The Hilltoppers will host the region championship match Friday and with their latest win, lock up a spot in the state's final four held this year at Liberty U. Nick Daly, PLAYS #1 SINGLES FOR E.C. GLASS, said "Knowing that the target is on our backs now and that we have to try to defend the title that we just won. And it makes it that much harder but that much better and that much more that we want it because of winning it last year." Luc Mortemousque, PLAYS #2 SINGLES FOR E.C. GLASS, said "Coach just stresses that you've got to respect all of your opponents and I valued that very highly. Never take an opponent lightly and I never try to get cocky and think that I'm too much better than anybody because I know anybody can beat anybody on any given day."