E.C. Glass Baseball Player Recovering After Suffering Cardiac Arrest, Collapsing Before Game

Lynchburg, VA - An E.C. Glass baseball player collapsed on the school field prior to a game on Monday.According to a statement released by his family, Matthew Harpster is recovering at UVA medical center in Charlottesville after suffering sudden cardiac arrest.{} Wednesday night, just after their game against GW, ECG Athletic Director Chip Berry was with the team when they received the good news via text message that Matthew is doing well in recovery. "The team was huddled up after the game, and they were, of course, happy to receive the good news," said Coach Berry. Matthew's family released the following statement on Thursday: "Matthew is doing great in his recovery from the sudden cardiac arrest he suffered on Monday afternoon on the EC Glass baseball field. He is currently recovering at UVA medical center in Charlottesville, Virginia and we hope to be coming home soon. Although we haven't determined a cause his doctors at UVA are going to be doing some testing in the coming days to try and pinpoint a reason for the incident. The Harpster family would like to thank the entire community for the great outpouring of love and prayers for us during this difficult time from so many groups. We would like to especially thank the first respondents for without their actions Matt would surely not be doing so well. That group includes the coaches of EC Glass Baseball, Kevin Brown, Clark Glover, Mike Cooper, and Daryl Howell, the Lynchburg Fire and EMS teams that responded so quickly along with the EC Glass athletic trainer Jen Armstrong and Dr Joseph Huchinson. An extra special Thank You to Dr. Melody Ailsworth who arrived on the scene within a minute and began CPR, without the actions by these special people Matthew would have likely died. We will forever be grateful to you all for giving our son a chance to survive."E. C. Glass baseball coach Kevin Brown said "The Glass baseball family would like to thank all of those in the community that surrounded, and continue to surround this family and Matt with love and prayers and supported us in the process.{} The events on Monday had a tremendous effect on the coaching staff and players alike.{} Matthew is one of the most beloved and respected players that we have had the blessing to have in our program.{} Our continued prayers go out to him and to his family in hopes of a full recovery.{}{} A special thanks to Dr. Melody Ailsworth, Clark Glover, Darrell Howell, Mike Cooper, Jen Armstrong, Miles Tranks, Melissa Schuppe, the Lynchburg Fire and EMS crew, the baseball parents who acted so quickly, the players, coaches, and many others in their attempts to help this young man and his family."{}{}