Earth Day Extravaganza Shows Families How to Be Environmentally Friendly

Halifax, VA - For the town of Halifax, Saturday was all about learning how to be environmentally friendly. Hundreds turned out to the fifth annual Earth Day Extravaganza at the Halifax Farmers Market. For the past five years, the town of Halifax has dedicated one day to celebrate the earth. The Earth Day Extravaganza shows families the importance of living a lifestyle that protects and preserves the environment. "It's really important for the county and the people in the county to kind of be reminded every year, because if you don't talk about it and you don't do about it, you kind of tend to forget. As people become more green and there's more ideas out there, there's more you can learn," said Halifax Events Coordinator Rebecca Ramey. Several groups were on hand to give various tips on how to be more earth-friendly. "You need a place for critters like birds and things that would help your environment to shelter, and you need food for them obviously, and water," said President of Southside Master Gardeners Association Carol Nelson. "A third of our foods that we eat come from bees or another pollinator, so we want to help support bees with planting good bee-friendly plants and flowers. Also that each flower makes a different kind of nectar, and based on the kind of nectar you've got in the flowers you get a different array of honey. It comes with different colors, different tastes, different smells," said beekeeper Mary Stafford. There was plenty of information about the plants, bugs and animals around us. One woman even showed folks how to change their trash into pieces of art and jewelry. "There's so much being wasted and thrown away. If people could think about, how can I use this again?" freelance artist Susie Robbins said. The Earth Day Extravaganza is one of Halifax's major events this year. Organizers say they made sure there were plenty of interactive games for children, so they can have a fun way of learning about the environment, and use what they learned when they get back home.