Dying Inmate Returns Home From Blue Ridge Regional Jail

Madison Heights, VA - A dying inmate at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail is now with his family.

Bill Farmer's family says he just returned home from Lynchburg General Hospital within the last hour.

The family says they're taking it day by day.

Farmer was released from the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Lynchburg Friday morning, taken to Lynchburg General hospital, and once his family received the proper medical equipment, he returned home.

He was serving an active three year sentence for several DUIs and driving as a habitual offender.

Last Friday, he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and given less than three months to live.

His family petitioned judges in Lynchburg and Appomattox County to sign what's called a medical furlough. Both agreed to release him for humanitarian reasons.

Farmer's wife says the family is trying to keep things as normal as possible.

"I want him to come home. I just want to hold his hand," said Jan Farmer.

Bill Farmer will receive hospice care at his Madison Heights home.

A probation officer will also conduct random visits to make sure he's complying with his probation.