Dunbar Middle School in Lynchburg Recognizes School Counselors

Dunbar Counselor, Toni Pate.

Lynchburg, VA- February 4-8 is National School Counseling Week. Recent school shootings, bullying, and a tough job outlook have made the school counselor more important than ever.

"It affects the children very much and sometimes people don't realize how much it affects the students. So sometimes, you just have to take the time and talk to them," said Germaine Calloway, a guidance director at Dunbar Middle.
Calloway and Toni Pate are counselors at Dunbar Middle. On Thursday, Calloway was buried in paper work.
Other days are quite different. Some children have come to her with problems so big, she's had to call social services.
"You know that child needs help and you need to make sure that child is safe. That makes me feel good when I know that child is safe," said Calloway.
The guidance counselor is kind of like a mom away from home.
"It's very comforting because if you're having a bad day or something bad happened you can just go there, said Steena Johnson, a 6th grader at Dunbar Middle. "
Calloway says being a counselor is a lot of hard work. But it's worth it.
"I feel like I make a difference and I want to make a difference," said Calloway.