Duke Energy Talks About Coal Ash Spill In NC Meeting

Danville, VA - Duke Energy representatives answered questions at hearing Monday night in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The meeting was filled with people from all over North Carolina, wanting to hear Duke Energy's response to the spill. Duke's spokesperson George Everett apologized for the leak and says the company plans to make it right.
Everett said Duke is still trying to figure out how big this problem really is. And they didn't touch on the clean up plans. They told lawmakers that all of the water testing has come back saying it is safe to drink. Still, activists say the water is polluted.
"Our first concern was for the people drinking the water from the river," said Everett.
"We saw ducks swimming through coal ash, we saw a bald eagle flying over a river of coal ash," said activist Jenny Edwards.
Last week a subpoena was sent to the North Carolina State Department of Environment and Natural Resources from the Federal government for information about the spill and how the state responded. Duke Energy was also subpoenaed.
Meanwhile, federal officials have said the ash is at the bottom of the river, as far as 70 miles downstream from where the spill occurred in North Carolina. Federal authorities say they're concerned how the ash will affect mussels and fish. Public health officials say people should avoid contact with the water.