Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Speaks at Wildfire Weekend at LU

Lynchburg, VA - Thousands of men flooded the campus of Liberty University this weekend for the annual Men's Wildfire Weekend. The event featured many celebrity speakers, including Tim Tebow, John Smoltz, and one man who wears many hats, but may be best known for his long beard.

Willie Robertson is known for his silly and fun antics on the hit television show Duck Dynasty, and today was no different.

"We're here at Liberty University with breaking news," said Robertson as he grabbed our ABC 13 Microphone.

While the only breaking news was Robertson himself, he says he is no stranger to LU.

"I've been here before so it's good to comeback, the Campus has changed, there are more people. Last time I was in a class room with about five or six hundred and I don't know how many people were out there, but it was a lot," said Robertson shortly after he finished speaking to more than 10,000 people.

Robertson says he hopes to encourage those in attendance, and he says he hopes, by hearing his story, others will take a leap of faith.

"Ours is about family, it's about being positive, it's about coming from nothing and ending up all over the TV, I mean the number one show on cable. Hopefully they will be encouraged that if they have something in their life they want to try and do and have that passion, I encourage them to do that," said Robertson.

He also says he gets just as much encouragement from folks who watch the show.

"Something as simple as saying a prayer at the end of the meal, I've heard from a lot of people now that they do that. They pray as a family just like we do, those kind of things are encouraging to us," said Robertson.

The founder of Wildfire Weekend, Tim Clinton, says he hopes this weekend makes a difference in the lives of the men who attend.

"It's about building stronger fathers, better husbands, friends, strengthening males in their relationship with each other and most importantly with their relationship with God," said Clinton.

This was the 5th year of the Wildfire conference, and organizers gave us a little insight into next year's event. They say Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, has already confirmed to speak.