D's Dish: Fall's Hottest Makeup Trend

Lynchburg, VA - It is officially fall, which means it is time to update your look, ladies! This season, it is all about eyelashes. You've heard of hair extensions, right? Well the new trend sweeping the nation, is eyelash extensions. It is all the rage this year. In this edition of D's Dish, we'll show you how experts can create a beautiful lush lash line for you that will last weeks.

It is time to talk fuller, longer, sexier lashes, ladies! We're doing so with the help of Spa 4109 Co-Owner, Joellen Perkins.

"No woman can live without them. Once you get them, you're addicted to them," Perkins said.

The process takes upwards of three hours for the initial visit. Each synthetic lash is glued one at a time to your natural lashes using a medical grade adhesive.

"75 to 100 lashes per eye," Perkins said.

You can create a subtle look...

"Or for that drama, drama, drama, that the woman is looking for. So there is a lot of versatility in this line but ...bigger is better," Perkins said.

Perkins says false lashes can save you time in the long run as well.

"There's nothing better for your confidence than just looking in the mirror first thing and saying, 'ok, I'm ready to go.' And the benefit for that too is it's one less step for you in the morning," Perkins said.

So as someone who's addicted to false lashes that come on a strip, I had to give extensions a go. One lash after another, my lash line grew fuller and I was well on my way to getting bigger, bolder, blacker lashes. There you have it; a non committal way to enhance natural beauty.

"You look beautiful. You feel beautiful and everybody is asking, 'what have you done to yourself,'" Perkins said.

Perkins says you lose about 25% of lash extensions every two weeks, so maintenance is required.She says we naturally shed about one to three lashes a day, so that is where that 25% number comes from.But don't worry, follow up visits take just a fraction of time compared to the initial visit.

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