Drug Culture Expert: Hidden Drug References in Music, Clothing May Shock Parents

Danville, VA - People from all over the state came to Danville today for what many called an eye-opening experience.

The Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention held a conference where experts went over song lyrics, clothing designs, and slang terms for drug references that may be hard for the average parent to detect.

"It's really phenomenal as far as the current trends that the youth have access to. So, we're gaining a lot of knowledge, " said attendee Jonathan Evans.Evans works with children through community services. He and others - including police officers and educators - came to hear from one expert in the field - know as the "tall cop that says stop".Jermaine Galloway traveled from Idaho with a variety of t-shirts, magazines and paraphernalia that have become popular among teens, but parents might be surprised by their hidden meanings.

And what about the music your kids are listening to? The lyrics may not be what they seem - especially with terms like "molly" popping up in more and more songs. "Molly is a drug reference for ecstasy. It's a street level drug reference. So the hard part is, again, someone could be wearing this because their name is Molly, someone could be wearing it because they think it's a cute shirt, or someone could be wearing it because of the drug reference. You have to ask more questions, " Galloway said.Conference leaders want parents and professionals both to take the time to do the research in order to have these conversations with kids.

"We encourage parents to learn about drugs and the culture so that they'll know and can have those important conversations with their children, " said RASAP President Amanda Oakes.