Update: DRMC and Life Saving Crew Team Up for Heart Attack Drill


Danville, VA - Most of the shoppers at this Belk had no idea what was about to happen.

"It kind of frightened me at first, " said shopper Barbara Bingham.

A man was just feet away from her simulating a heart attack right inside the store. For Bingham, it was a scary sight since she happened to know the man.
"I asked one of the sales ladies, I said is this a mock run, and she said it was, so that made me feel better, " Bingham said, but for doctors and nurses at DRMC this is something they see all too often.
Within minutes, the Danville Lifesaving Crew was on the scene, and the "patient" was taken to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at DRMC.
"The sooner we get the artery opened, the better the patient outcome, " said Dr. Kevin Lingle.
The American Heart Association recommends 90 minutes or less for getting a patient from the door to an open artery.
At DRMC, they usually beat that by 31 minutes.
The Catheterization lab underwent upgrades in 2010, and officials say their staff and state-of-the-art technology make it a real asset for this area.
Administrative Director of Cardiovascular Services Bob Anthony says the drills help them constantly improve, and people like Bingham are glad to see healthcare providers going the extra mile.
"To go and watch them practice on somebody and how well they work together. We really appreciate what they do, " Bingham said.
The doctors said the warning signs for a heart attack include numbness in the left arm, jaw pain, tightness in the chest and even general uneasiness.
If you feel any of those symptoms, call 911, and if you see someone while you are out and about that looks like they may be in pain, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Danville, VA - Danville Regional Medical Center partnered with the Life Saving Crew to show local residents the importance of fast action during a heart attack.

The hospital staged a mock heart attack at Belk inside the Danville mall.

The "patient" was quickly transported to DRMC's Cath Lab for treatment.

We were there and spoke to the cardiologist about their newest life-saving technology. Learn more tonight on ABC13 at 5.

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