The Woman Behind the Driver

Martinsville, VA -- When the drivers are not racing around a track, many of them return home to their family. And for a lot of drivers, that means a wife and kids. But what is life like for the family of a driver? We got the inside scoop.

"It was a very unique relationship at first. It was non-traditional compared to some of our friends," said David Ragan, Sprint Cup Driver.

Six years ago, David Ragan was introduced to Jacquelyn Butler. A relationship that from the start, has been a little different.

"I remember spending Valentines Day at the racetrack," said Ragan.

When they met, Butler had a lot to learn.

"Before, I didn't know anything about NASCAR. I didn't really watch," said Butler, Ragan's fiancé.

Now she has become fully invested in NASCAR, even following him to most races, which means she lives in Charlotte only three days a week.

"You have three days to do the laundry, clean the house, go to appointments, get organized. Then we leave Thursday through Sunday," said Butler.

Butler has turned this RV into a home, and they have started their own traditions.

"I'll cook chicken and pasta. That's what he eats before every meal," said Butler.

But when Butler is not on the road, she's glued to the TV watching every turn of every race. She focuses her nerves on the finish line, rather than the fender benders.

"More nervous like if he will finish or top 20. I just want to see him happy at the end of the day," said Butler.

And even after all these years, Butler still forgets his fame.

"It's weird. I remember seeing just girls crying over him. Like, he is just David. You forget who he is sometimes, but that is probably the weirdest part," said Butler.

Jacquelyn and David are engaged and have their wedding date set for this December. They say that the planning is almost done, and David even gets some say in the wedding.