Drivers Test Out New VIR Track for TUDOR UnitedSportsCar Championship

Alton, VA-- In just a few weeks from now Virginia International Raceway will be hosting one of their biggest races, and drivers are gearing up for it.

On August 22 VIR will have 40 drivers racing on their track as part of the TUDOR UnitedSportsCar Championship.

One team made it out to the raceway early on Wednesday to test out VIR's new track. During the off-season VIR repaved the whole course, widened turns, and because there's very little wear and tear on it, it has a lot more grip.

Falken Motorsports had two of their drivers test the track all day.

"To see what the new surface needs. If we need different tires, or we can use the same ones we had last year, or we can use the ones we had at the last races," Wolf Hencler, Driver in TUDOR UnitedSportsCar Championship.

The race will start on Friday August 22 and last until that Sunday August 24.

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