Drivers Talk About Massive Pileup in Carroll Co. That Killed Three People

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Carroll Co., VA - An accident on Interstate 77 in Carroll County involving almost 100 cars left three people dead and more than two dozen injured.

State Police say saying fog and speed led to the trouble.

Traffic on I-77 is moving along just fine Monday, a far cry from just a day ago. But even with the wreck cleaned up, many are still dealing with the aftermath and will be for at least weeks to come.

The past 24 hours for James Keller has been quite the blur, which started after stopping on I-77 because vehicles in front of him were beginning to pile up in the fog on Fancy Gap Mountain.

"The semi just plowed us right in the back end. That hit us there and shoved us into the cars in front of us and pushed us. Then another semi hit behind that and that's the one that caught on fire," said Keller.

Surviving that ordeal, Keller spent the rest of the night in the ER before finally tracking his vehicle down to get his family's belongings.

"Whole lot of idiots driving. People cutting people off. Going too fast in the fog. No lights," said Dustin Kastner.

Kastner and his girlfriend aren't so fortunate in that regard. While they escaped being hit, they had to abandon their car to get their child to safety, which was then towed.

They now owe $300 before they can get to it.

"We were trying to get to the car. We knew it could be moved and we could have avoided this whole headache today," said Kastner.

Hundreds of people from this wreck are dealing with their own issues some worse than others.

There are funerals to be planned, injuries to overcome, personal belongings to be gathered.

The Red Cross says most people either rented cars or had family come get them; just one family needing overnight shelter.

Keller is just thankful and just wants to get his son settled in North Carolina before having to figure out how to get home to Wisconsin.

"We'll probably have to fly back home."

In the past 16 years, this is the fifth major pile up on Fancy Gap Mountain.

VDOT says they have added a variety of safety measures to the area including plans for reduced speed limits based on weather conditions. That being necessary because the fact is people just aren't slowing down... even when visibility is just 200 feet as it was Sunday when this accident occurred.