Drivers in Nelson County Deal with Icy Roads

Nelson Co., VA - While the Nelson County area saw sleet and freezing rain, it appears most people listened and stayed at home, including some employees.

As the sun came up Monday, more cars ventured out to test the roads.

"Last night they were pretty bad, but this morning they cleared them pretty well- some of the back roads are pretty rough," said Sammy Whitehead.

VDOT had trucks on the road all weekend long, clearing the roads and making them safe for traffic.

"The roads are pretty clear, but the power lines and tress have ice on them," said Jerry Gentry who traveled from Danville.

The higher elevations in Nelson County near Wintergreen saw the worst of the storm.

Sunday, McDonalds and other businesses in Lovingston were shut down since employees couldn't get down the mountain.

The businesses reopened Monday morning and returned to normal.

For many, the hardest part about the Monday morning was getting out of the driveway.

"This morning, I don't really have a lot of heat in my car, so I had quite a job cleaning it off this morning, but got it done and got to work on time," Whitehead said.