Driver Crashes SUV Into Roanoke Home, Two Injured

Roanoke, VA - Two people were hurt Thursday morning when a driver slammed his SUV into a house in Roanoke.

Douglas Wade, 50, of Hardy, was taken to the hospital, and is charged with failure to maintain control of his vehicle.

A woman who was in the home was injured. Her husband, who was sleeping next to her, says she suffered a broken back and broken jaw when that SUV came crashing into their bedroom.

A major road into Roanoke was closed down as morning rush hour began, giving investigators time to try to understand how the driver of the SUV ended up in the bedroom of a sleeping young couple.

"I woke up to a loud bang..."

Terrance Skinner lives with the couple, and their two kids, at the home on Jamison Avenue. He was upstairs sleeping when the impact shook him awake.

"I come running down the steps to see what was the matter and I opened up the door and the whole hallway filled up with smoke," said Skinner.

Once the vehicle left the road, police say it barreled through three yards and two fences before ending up in the house and hitting the woman. She suffered a broken back and jaw but came just a breath away from even more serious injuries.

"The truck was on her legs and the tires were still spinning from where the truck was still in drive. And the tires burned up her skin bad. I mean real bad," said Skinner.

It's the type of phone call house owner, Larry Wilson, never wants to get.

"Not a good thing. Not a good thing at all," he said.

Over the next few weeks, Wilson hopes to get the house back in living condition. Until then, it's condemned. His current mission is making sure his tenants have somewhere to go until he can get it repaired.

"I have other options. Some other places I'm going to try to put them into temporarily," said Wilson.

There is no word on the driver's condition. Witnesses say he was up and walking and did not appear to be too badly injured.

Those same witnesses say that when they helped Mr. Wade from the vehicle he was saying he blacked out as he drove only to regain consciousness once his vehicle had already crashed.