Driveby Break-Ins in Bedford County

Bedford Co., VA - Sheriff's deputies believe two males are going door-to-door, finding out who's not at home before burglarizing houses in Bedford County.

A woman reported the duo pulled in her driveway in a blue sedan Friday afternoon and knocked on her door. When she answered, she says they asked her for directions to Wal-Mart.

"Problem was when they left her residence, they went the opposite direction that she had given them to get to Wal-Mart," said Major Ricky Gardner. "The house that was burglarized was in the direction in which the vehicle went."

Guns, TVs, a camera and laptops were reported missing from that home. The homeowner, Beverly Stanley says the camera and laptops are filled with family photos.

"Dump out the SD card and take my camera. Just leave my memories," said Stanley. "I would pay to get it back. If somebody out there bought it, feel free to knock on my door and I will pay you $200 to get it back."

Another break-in was reported in Bedford County the same day. The sheriff's office says a laptop and cash were taken from a home on Big Spring Road. Deputies believe the same suspects are likely involved.

The sheriff's office says if someone stops by your home asking for directions, get a license plate number if you can and call 911.