Dozens Rescued from Roanoke Flooding

10th Street in Roanoke from Amy Gibson.

Roanoke, VA - Flash flooding has been a major issue in Roanoke Tuesday afternoon.

A number of roads have been closed because of flooding, which hit Roanoke City hard and fast Tuesday afternoon.

The flooding has left dozens of roads closed as crews tend to rescue calls.

On Peters Creek Road Tuesday evening, near the intersection with Cove Road, the Rainbow Christian Daycare had to be evacuated.

Crews had to take the kids out of the daycare on boats.

Roanoke Fire and Rescue say they are in the process of answering "dozens" of water rescue calls which include calls from people trapped in cars and homes as well.

ABC 13 with one woman who just finished cleaning up from flooding two days ago. She says today's rain put her shop under five feet of water and the future doesn't look good for her.

"Everything, and no insurance," Jean Ardery, a business owner said.

For a complete list of road closures, click here.