Dozens of VUL Students Kicked Out of Off-Campus Housing

Lynchburg, VA - Dozens of students at the Virginia University of Lynchburg were kicked out of off-campus housing Tuesday morning.

The landlord says the school hasn't paid him rent for months, and has to file a civil suit to get what he's owed.

ABC 13 was there while students were moving out. Students said they received an eviction notice around 11 p.m. Monday.

Tuesday morning, the students started moving their belongings into vans.

Tempers flared when the assistant football coach showed up, accusing the media and the landlord of targeting his team.

Tony West says VUL hasn't returned his phone calls, hasn't paid roughly $100 thousand in back rent he says it owes.

"We'd just like a phone call, a letter or something, or sign an agreement. Let's just end it. But I'm not dealing with rational people as you already saw today," West said.

At the Virginian Apartments Tuesday, roughly 70 students, including football players were given notices to vacate the property.

Coach Luther Palmer says a player called him around 11 p.m. the night before.

"I don't know nothing about what VUL does with their bills. I'm a football coach. I'm here for these football players that are helping move this furniture out of here," Coach Palmer said.

The Assistant Football Coach of VUL went on to criticize the media and the landlord.

"I don't care who it is, Tony West, Tony East, Tony South, when you come and mess with these football players, you got a problem with me," Coach Palmer continued.

West's attorney, Sam Patel, says in June, they spent a week negotiating a deal with the university.

"He doesn't want to put students out on the street. That's why he gave them the notice to vacate," Patel said.

In the last few weeks, Patel says VUL stopped returning their phone calls.

"We went drafted documents, went round and round, got them into a format that was acceptable to their counsel as well as us. And then, it was crickets," Patel said.

West plans on filing a $1 million civil suit against VUL for back pay, breach of contract, and property damage. It's a move his attorney says could affect the university's accreditation.

ABC 13 called the school, left emails and even showed up in person. We were told VUL's president wasn't available. So far we have not heard back from the school.