Dozens of McDonald's Employees in Halifax Co. "Shocked" By Sudden Termination

Halifax Co., VA - Dozens of former McDonald's employees in Halifax County say they're perplexed after suddenly losing their jobs.Monday, more than 20 employees in three different stores were fired on the spot.Several of them say the owner told them he is trying to build a team, and they "don't fit the profile.""They shook my hand, told me to have a seat, and they told me they have to let me go, " said former employee Katrina Stanfield.Stanfield has been a manager at the Centerville McDonald's for more than two years."They didn't give me any kind of reason, so I want to know that, why I was let go, " Stanfield said.When Brian Tucker got called in on his day off, he expected a promotion."Went in a suit, you know, went into my store, 'Good morning everybody,'" Tucker said.He says he had recently been considered for a management position. Now, he finds himself searching for work."I have a wife and I have children. I have a family. I have a house. I'm just going to pray. I'm doing job searches. I've already applied for unemployment, " Tucker said.Many of those fired say they had recently received positive evaluations and boosts in pay.Now the group of mostly African-Americans are claiming racial discrimination. Stanfield says a store supervisor made a comment about quote "getting the ghetto out of the store", but owner Mike Simon, who is black, says discrimination had nothing to do with it.Simon owns all three of those McDonald's stores, and he says the terminations were performance-based.In a statement, he said "I [...] set my own employment policies to create and maintain exceptional service experiences for my customers, " but those left without a job say nothing about this feels right."To shake my hand and smile at me and say, 'You're a nice guy, I like you. I think you are a nice guy. I have nothing negative to say about you', it just doesn't make sense, " said Tucker.