Douglass Does Last Minute Campaigning in Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - Democratic challenger John Douglass was campaigning Tuesday afternoon in Bedford County for the last leg of the race.

Douglass greeted voters at Goodview Elementary School. He plans to stop by the Bedford Area Welcome Center and Moneta Elementary School before polls close at seven.

The 5th Congressional District covers Charlottesville, Bedford, Martinsville and Danville.

The retired Brigadier General opposes lifting the ban on uranium mining and claims Congressman Hurt has millions of dollars to gain if it does go through.

"It's about policies that support us all, not just the people at the top. There's nothing that symbolizes that more than this fight about the uranium mine down at the southern part of the District," he said.

In August, Douglass drew criticism himself when a YouTube video surfaced, of him swatting a camera held by a Hurt supporter.

ABC 13 News will be at Douglass' watch party in Charlottesville when the votes start coming in.