Dorothy McAuliffe Stumps for 22nd District Candidate

Lynchburg, VA - Female voters were the topic of discussion Monday at a woman's voting rally in Lynchburg.

It was hosted by Katie Webb Cyphert, the democratic challenger to Kathy Byron's seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Cyphert had some pretty powerful players there to support her. With only 15 days remaining till the election, Dorothy McAuliffe, wife of democratic candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe cut out time from her busy campaign schedule to speak at the event, just going to show how serious this race in the 22nd District has become.

Former Delegate Shannon Valentine and Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia, Delegate Charnielle Herring were both in attendance as well.

Cyphert said at the event that voters are excited for the opportunity to elect a challenger, something Kathy Byron hasn't had to face in more than a decade.

"I think that the tables are turning and people are ready for changes in seats like this that have not been challenged for a long time. We're long overdue for a discussion of what the best policies are for our area" she said.

"Katie's a great candidate. I think she's an amazing example of what women candidates should be and can do when they are engaged and active" said Dorothy McAuliffe.

Byron did not respond to our attempts to speak with her.