Donating Some of Tax Refund to D-Day Memorial in Bedford

Bedford, VA - The D-Day Memorial is asking you to think about donating some of your tax refund to the war memorial.

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation can be selected to get a portion of your refund or you can add a donation.

Of course you can consult your tax advisor for details on how to do it.

More information from the foundation:

Using Schedule ADJ, enter in 82 (it corresponds to National D-Day Memorial Foundation & VA War Memorial Foundation on the Voluntary Contributions list) into box 22a, 22b, or 22c along with the amount of your contribution in the boxes on the right side of the form. Then complete Line 28 "Adjustments and Voluntary Contributions" on the filing form attached to Schedule ADJ, Line 24. Don't forget to include Schedule ADJ. Consult your tax advisor or preparer for more details.