Dollar General Gives Sinai Elementary School A Surprise Gift

Halifax Co., VA - When local representatives from Dollar General stopped by Sinai Elementary School, no one - not even the Principal - knew what it was about.

"I think some of them thought that I knew, but I didn't, " said Principal Kevin Neal.
After reading a few holiday stories to the students, the Dollar General officials got down to business.
The students presented Principal Kevin Neal with a present, one he won't soon forget: a check for $40,000.
"You could tell from the reaction everyone was just completely blown away at the magnitude of this gift. It was fantastic, " Neal said.
Dollar General opened their South Boston distribution center in 1997. Since then, they have donated time and money to the students of Sinai Elementary.
"Every year, we've provided all of the students with back to school supplies, " said Senior HR Manager Hank Bruining.
The company chose Sinai because of its high number of at-risk students. They wanted to make sure the students have all the tools they need.
The principal will sit down with the Superintendent soon to decide how exactly they will use the money, but Bruining says Dollar General has more in store for Sinai Elementary down the line.
"Dollar General is in Halifax County to stay. A lot of these children are children of our employees and we just want to assist in any way we can with their education, " Bruining said.