Dogs and Obedience Training by Noreen Turyn

You might have seen my dog on TV Tuesday. I gave him a "screen test" in the feature I did on pets as animal actors.{} Though{}Cadbury needs a little more distraction training before he is invited onto a movie set, I still think he's a star!{}

But I just want to tell other pet owners how much fun I think it is to train your dog.{} It is so exciting when they "get it!"{} I have never had a dog my whole life, and jumped right in with a trainer, and now I'm addicted to training Cadbury.{} I work with him every day and he is so good at his obedience.{} Especially when I have extra high value treats in my pocket!{} But besides that, it really creates a strong bond between pet and owner.{} He rarely wants to leave my side, treats or not.{} And he is very attentive to me.{}

So even if your dog already knows the basics, why not take a little extra time each day to teach him something new?{} He gets a treat, his brain power gets a boost, and together you get a stronger bond.