Dog Who Suffered From Heat Exhaustion Should Serve As Warning

Danville, VA - The heat isn't just affecting people, pets also feel the high temperatures. One dog that is recovering from heat exhaustion will be featured as Thursday's Pet of the Week on 13 News Midday. The dog nearly died from heat exhaustion but was rescued just in time. Now, she serves as a warning for all pet owners.Danville Area Humane Society Executive Director Paulette Dean says when they first got 'Miracle' she couldn't even stand."She was down, she had collapsed, couldn't walk, panting rapidly, rapid heartbeat, elevated temperature and she seemed to be having some seizures," says Dean.Dean says a good Samaritan brought her in after finding her collapsed on the side of the road."She had a very high temperature and it was only through the lifesaving measures of our employees that she survived," says Dean.While 'Miracle' seems to be doing just fine, Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Smith says he sees pets every year that are not so lucky."Every summer we'll see several cases of heat stroke," says Smith.Smith says to be safe bring your pets inside on days above 90 degrees. If they have to be outdoors, make sure they have shade and plenty of water."One of the tricks you can do is you can add ice cubes to their water and it will help keep them cool," says Smith.Also, limit your walks to early morning or late evening. Never leave pets inside a hot car.If your pet is showing signs of heat exhaustion, do your best to cool it down and call your vet immediately.
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