Dog Saves Owner From Copperhead Snake

Martinsville, VA - A Martinsville pit bull took loyalty to a whole new level last Friday after it saved her owner's life - jumping between him and a copperhead snake.

Mandell Motley and his pit bull Pearl did not get along before this. In fact, the dog has bitten him in the past. But after last week, he has been calling her his angel saying she would do anything for him.

Friday night ended with Motley's normal routine: Getting home, going outside and feeding Pearl.

"As I got closer to it, she started letting out a strange bark. Her bark was different. It was a different bark I had never heard it before," said Motley.

Motley didn't think twice about the warning until he felt something strange under his foot.

"It felt real soft. And so when I stepped on it and looked down, I was literally standing on top of a snake," he said.

Before he could even react, Pearl jumped into action.

"It was in a position to bite. So Pearl comes out of the gate, jumps on me, knocks me out the way. She probably knocks me out the way about 3 or 4 feet. Gets in between me and the snake and then goes at it aggressively with the snake," said Motley.

Pearl walked away bloody, and the snake stayed behind injured.

Motley killed the reptile and took its picture.

"Pearl comes up to me and she leans up against me and she slides down to the ground and just stretches out," said Motley.

Motley rushed her to the vet where he discovered their opponent was a copperhead. Now after treatment, Pearl's wounds have been healing and so has their relationship.

"She's got that sparkle in her eye that she used to have. She is prancing, she is dancing, she likes to play. She is doing so much better," said Motley.

At the time, the vet wasn't sure if Pearl would even be able to survive. But she looks like she will be just fine.