Dog Park Supporters Make Final Push to Win National Competition

Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA - There was some serious disappointment last year after Lynchburg came in second place for winning $100,000 toward an off-leash dog park. This year though, city dog owners are saying the second time's a charm, and they're in it to win it.

Voting lasts till August first in the online competition. Wednesday, dog park supporters made a video that will air on the Pet Safe's bark for your park competition website. The city with the most votes wins a whopping $100,000 towards the dog park of their dreams.

"We can't accept number two, we need number one," said Lynchburg's Bark for Your Park competition organizer Ashley Atkins.

So dogs smiled for the camera in an effort to win bark for your park, a national competition, where now a final 15 cities are competing for $100,000. The video will be attached to a website where the public can cast a vote for their city. The video with the most hits gets an additional 1,000 votes.

"People really want this park, and we need this park. And so people gave money, and this is what we have now, but we need a whole lot more," said Atkins.

Lynchburg has a dog park set to open this summer, but as some dog owners will tell you, it's bare bones with only a fence and a field. Supporters say $100,000 would make this park a dog's dream.

"That's big, that's water fountains, that's gates, that's a lot, we could do a lot with that," said dog owner Rebecca Galbreath.

"You get the sense of community when you're out and about, and you're walking your dog, you're talking to people who are other dog lovers. So I think it would mean just as much as any other park to some individuals who are pet owners," said Lynchburg Mayor Joan Foster.

These dog park devotees are determined.

"It's kind of like when you have a baseball team and you make it so far, but you want to make it to the World Series," said Atkins.

As of Wednesday, Lynchburg was in second place, trailing by 2,000 votes.

Vote for the Hill City in the Bark for Your Park contest page.