Does Candidates' Commonwealth Campaigning Sway Voters?

Lynchburg, VA - In this year's battle for the White House, there may not be a more important state than Virginia. Judging from the visits by each of the candidates to Danville, Lynchburg, Roanoke and Charlottesville, they're fighting hard for your vote.

Some have had visits far more memorable than others, like Vice President Joe Biden's gaffe while in Danville, telling the crowd, "They're going to put ya'll back in chains!" referring to Mitt Romney's economic plan.

But does a candidate coming to your city sway your vote?

"No, it doesn't impress me that they come to visit," said one Lynchburg voter.

"Not really. I don't think a person's vote for who should run the country needs to be decided on what that person has to do with the state you live in," said another woman.

"It's really about what your own morals and beliefs are and what political party you believe in," said another voter.

So what good do all these rallies and roundtables do if your mind is already made up?

As one voter put it, "definitely Virginia is becoming like a swing state so, they're definitely going to put a lot of time into Virginia."

Fact is, many in Virginia still don't know who they're voting for. So hearing firsthand a candidates views in your hometown or at your college commencement could be a deciding factor.

With both Presidential campaigns expected to pick up speed following the national conventions, we can expect even more visits by the candidates in the coming months.