Documentary Solves WWII Mystery Involving Danville

Danville, VA - A mystery around a World War II plane may now be solved all thanks to a local history buff.

David Hutcheson is making a documentary about WWII and Danville's involvement.

The working title for his documentary is "When Heroes were Everywhere." He says it describes romantic stories, humor, and of course the answer to one of Danville's biggest unknowns.

"I found a picture about five years ago of a B17, and the nose art that they painted on the nose said City of Danville, Virginia," said Hutcheson.

That picture sparked curiosity in Hutcheson. Immediately, he asked around searching for how this city made its way into World War II history.

"Usually that meant that some of the crew was from Danville. Nobody in town had heard of it," said Hutcheson.

For five years that question remained unanswered, until Hutcheson heard about a website, which detailed the "Buy a Bomber Program" during WWII. There he found his answer.

Danville residents donated above and beyond to the war, totaling the biggest fundraiser ever for the city.

"It turns out that the city of Danville, one of the few cities of our size, did enough of that that they got this bomber named after them. And everyone here had forgotten about that," said Hutcheson.

Mystery solved. But still, no one else knew about this piece of history, even veterans.

"I think it's a very important thing for people to learn that Danville was so welded together at that period of time and I hope we can continue that way," said WWII veteran James Rich.

Many say these contributions show the bigger picture.

"The point is they reached the goal but they kept going just to support the country," said Hutcheson.

Hutcheson says Danville residents gave what would equal $100 per person today to the war. It is expected to be released in late Spring.

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