Spider Bite Sends Child to ER, Doctors Think it Was a Brown Recluse

South Boston, VA - It was a terrifying encounter for a 5-year-old who was camping with his grandparents.

Gabe Cash from South Boston was bitten by what doctors believe was a brown recluse spider, but the right medical attention kept a bad situation from getting worse.
The child used a bathroom inside a camper and came out complaining of a bite on his backside.
His grandmother applied first aide, but she knew something was wrong when the bite got worse hour by hour.
Gabe's family took him to the ER where he was treated with antibiotics, and they concluded the bite came from a brown recluse although, it's very difficult to diagnose a spider bite without keeping the spider.
Doctors say if you think you or your child have been bitten by a spider, clean the area and take an over the counter medication, like Benadryl, to treat it, but it's important to know when it's time to go to the ER.
"If it starts looking infected or if they start having what we call systemic symptoms - trouble breathing, red streaks, etc. - then seek medical attention, " said Dr. Victor Mihal at Halifax Regional Medical Center.
Gabe is now home resting. His mother says it has taken several days for him to feel like himself again, but says he will be back outside playing in no time.