Do Companies Have Same Liberties as People?

Women's groups across the country are denouncing the Supreme Court decision that ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby's argument that its religious freedoms were being burdened: by providing certain forms of contraception.{}

Dr. Dawson says that the Supreme Court has assigned liberties and rights to corporations before: non-profits, churches for example, {}are exempt from the very same requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Hobby Lobby argued that under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act-its rights were being infringed upon.

That is exactly what so many find troubling-like student, Danny Sweeney, who has been following the case closely:{}

Dr. Dawson says the Hobby Lobby ruling was a very narrow one: as one for profit owned by two families with the same religious beliefs-so this wouldn't extend-to Corporate America:

But many feel that when it comes to women and reproductive health: there seems to be consistent controversy.{}