Dissecting the Lynchburg City Budget

Lynchburg, VA - It was nose to the grindstone at City Hall Tuesday afternoon. Directors from a handful of city departments went line by line through this year's budget with city council.

The city attorney's office and how it is lending its legal expertise to city schools was one topic mentioned; Council Member H. Cary brought this up.

As it stands now, the city charges Lynchburg City Schools a flat $20,000 a year for its legal help. Cary believes in reality, the price should be much higher than $20,000. Staff will now dig deeper to see if a change is necessary.

A second sticking point Council Member Turner Perrow brought up: EMS response time. In just three months, Lynchburg Fire had 15 employees retire with 30 years experience. Now, there's concern the younger, more green employees may need a lesson on Lynchburg's roads.

"Somebody asked me a long time ago, if the new drivers were familiar with the neighborhoods and knew the quickest routes to the appropriate care-taking facility," said Perrow.

There's also talk that council might give city staff a bigger raise than first floated - 3% instead of 2.5%. If that happens, public safety workers would get a 1.5% raise, instead of 1%.