Dirty Dan Dash Takes Over Danville

Danville, VA - Parks and Rec is hosting the Dirty Dan Dash Saturday, which is Danville's first ever mud run.

Sponsored by Danville Regional Medical Center, the race will have about 200 people competing from all over.

This isn't your typical race. With obstacles and mud, it's a whole new competition.

"The awesome thing about this is it breaks the monotony of having just a standard 5K where you are just running and it is just a straight run, that's all it is," said Wes Spivey, a runner.

That's why when Spivey and his running group heard about a local mud run, they were all in.

"I try to support the local races and when we had this I thought what better opportunity for my first one," said Spivey.

"We've had a lot of people call and ask if they could get out and practice and see if they can make it before they come out," said Russell Carter,communications specialist for Parks and Rec.

Friday, public works created mud pits and runners tested those muddy waters.

We have some tips for you, first you need to duct tape your sneakers because they will get stuck in the mud and second, of course, wear some clothes that you don't care about getting dirty.

But the race isn't just about the 3.7 mile course, in fact, many say it is a huge step for the city.

"It's a sign of things to come. The city is diversifying a little bit, building some new traditions, something that the public can really rally around," said Trey Belcher, a runner.

In addition to the obstacles, a new tradition has been created.

"We are already excited about next year. We hope to add to the numbers," said Carter.

As for Spivey and his friends, they do not plan to warn future runners.

If you are not planning on being part of the mud run Saturday, we have some road closures to warn you about:

From 10:30 to noon Saturday parts of Bridge Street, Craghead, and Lynn Streets will be closed. As well as Loyal, Wilson, and Newton Streets in the River District. After the race, everyone is welcome to go to the Community Market for an afterparty.