Director Shooting Movie in Hometown of Danville

Danville, VA - Danville is the setting of a new film with an experienced director at the helm. He's worked with Sony, Disney, and Fox.

The plot called for a small city, and although the director now lives in Los Angeles, he's from Danville, so he wanted to put the spotlight on his hometown.

The movie "The Answer" has taken over this small city on its way to the big screen.

"It's a small scale movie with a big heart and it feels like it explores a much larger world," said Iqbal Ahmed, the director.

The action movie describes a man who gets attacked.

"He and the girl go on the run and have to figure out who is after them and why," said Ahmed.

That journey leads them to Danville.

Ahmed has always wanted to bring his filmmaking career back home.

"I believe in my hometown. I believe in the people in Virginia and in Southern Virginia. Movies aren't made that frequently out here, and I thought I would maybe change it in my own small way."

The cast and crew come from all over - nationally and internationally. But not everyone in the nearly 50 person group had heard of Danville before they got here.

"I was like, 'What we are going to Danville. Where is that?' I looked on the map and I Googled it," said Valentina Bove, the producer.

They say the film will display Danville landmarks and has brought out the city's finest.

"Everyone is super, super welcoming, so I really like the town," said Bove.

"We're off to a good start with this film, so it's onwards and upwards from here," said Austin Hubert, an actor.

Ahmed says he's more than happy to be back.

"I've always had a very special love for Danville, for my hometown. I knew it would always be a really cool setting for a smaller kind of movie," he said.

They will be shooting in Danville for about a month. The goal is to make it to the theaters with a release in nine months to a year.