Diamond Hill Divided on Historic House

Lynchburg, VA - The Diamond Hill community of Lynchburg is divided on how to handle a fading historic property. The public hearing turned into a spirited debate over how to handle the property on the 600 block of Washington Street Monday. The two story duplex has been standing since 1893. However, over the years, the house has fallen into disrepair. The property was acquired by the Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority in 2009. Now, the Authority wants to demolish the building, but they need the approval of the Historic Preservation Commission to do so. Despite multiple attempts to find new owners, Dawn Fagan from the Housing Authority says that the size of the repairs has scared off potential buyers. "And when they go in and see the status, it just becomes more than they want to tackle," Fagan said. Residents like Margaret Patterson spoke out against the proposed demolition, saying that not all options have been considered. "Do not condone the demolition of this lovely, historic building, unless and until, all possible actions for renewal have been explored and exhausted," Patterson said. The Historic Preservation Commission denied the request to demolish the property on Washington Street Monday night.