Diamond Experts Travel to Danville for Presentations

Danville, VA -- Thursday, a jewelry shop in Danville shared the secrets of the diamond business.

Ben David Jewelers brought in experts from as far away as Israel and New York to explain how they transform carbon rocks into sparkling diamonds.

They showed the tools used in the cutting process, which they say takes weeks or even months.

During this time of year, sales are up from so many customers getting engaged or tying the knot.

Here's what these experts say you should look for in a diamond:

"Find something with a really nice make. Color's also important. Clarity. What sparkles. They shouldn't just go out and buy something for the sake of buying it. You need to look at it and see if it has full brilliance," said Eric Aclucci, a diamond cutter.

If you missed the presentations on Thursday, Ben David Jewelers will still have the materials available for viewing on Friday.