Diabetic Teen Gets Service Dog

Lynchburg, VA - There are police dogs trained to sniff drugs and bombs, and service dogs to help people living with all sorts of disabilities.

One service dog, however, is the first of its kind in Lynchburg.

Logan Franzelas, 13, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

"My life changed. Everything changed," Logan said.

When Logan has a high or low, the dog knows it and will paw at him to check his sugar.

"There's many times when Logan can drop from 400 to 30, 40 blood sugar in a 45 minute period so the dog can help prevent him from having the big drops," said Logan's mother Amy Franzelas.

All the 4-month-old yellow lab needs is one little drop from Logan's finger to know when his new friend is in trouble.

"When you go high it's a real sweet smell. When you go low it's a real acetone smell and the dogs are able to pick up on that," said Service Dog Trainer Cheri Campbell.

Logan and Reagan are still learning about each other.

Firefighters came out to meet the new best friends. The puppy will soon be taught to call them through a special 911 button.

"It automatically sends a voice prompted something to our dispatch center. In our notes, through our computers it'll come up and tell us there's a diabetic service dog here and we know exactly what we're coming for," said Firefighter Captain John Ripley.

"This dog could save his life, could prolong his life. It could be middle of the night. He could get real low and maybe go into a coma and his job would be to alert us," said Logan's Father C.J. Franzelas.

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