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      Devault Family Vineyards Hosts Watermelon Wine Festival

      Concord, VA - Devault Family Vineyards in Concord saw a large crowd this weekend for their annual Watermelon Wine Festival. There were vendors, food, music, and activities for the kids. There were also watermelon themed activities like a watermelon seed spitting contest.

      The Devault family says it's a family affair and an event they look forward to every year.

      The winery's most popular item for sale is the Devault Family Vineyards well-known watermelon wine.

      "People love it, people adore it, it's great on a hot day. So we come out every summer and celebrate it and have a watermelon and wine festival. People come out, we've got slushies and watermelon wine, other people come out and share their wine, it's a great time," said Ian Devault.

      This is the fifth year the family has hosted the festival. They say this may have been the best weather weekend they've ever had.