Details Emerge Following Shooting, Roommate: LU Student Was "Quiet and Kind"

Lynchburg, VA - We are learning more about 19 year old Josh Hathaway, the student shot and killed Tuesday by a Liberty University security officer.

Hathaway's college roommate saying the incident was totally unexpected. He said Hathaway was a quiet, kind, and studious student.

Tuesday night, a group gathered to remember the freshman from Texas, shot dead Tuesday morning, on the campus he called home.

Feet from the dorm where police say Hathaway was shot and killed Tuesday, a group of students, gathered to pray.

"He's only 19, he's only 19" said Sean Wong.

Wong is Hathaway's roommate. He says Hathaway was a normal college kid; quiet, a constant studier, smart, and hard working.

Wong saw no signs pointing to anything out of the ordinary.

"He's the guy that wouldn't hesitate, he would help you. It's only a week before Thanksgiving, he should be with his parents" said Wong.

The Liberty University Freshman hailed from Lubbock, Texas. Hathaway was on a full academic scholarship to L.U., and held a near perfect GPA.

"I don't believe that he would do that" said Wong.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, police say Hathaway confronted a university security officer inside this all girls dormitory. According to a Lynchburg Police Department search warrant, Hathaway told the officer he'd just been robbed, his car stolen. When the officer investigated, the warrant says Hathaway assaulted him with a hammer.

The pair would struggle; ultimately, the warrant shows the armed officer shot his gun twice, killing the college freshman.

"As you know, we received reports of a shooting this morning" said Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., during a press conference Tuesday.

Falwell addressed his school's only deadly shooting in its 42 year history.

"We're providing professional counseling services to our students. We are deeply saddened by what has happened. It's impacted our entire community in ways that we are just beginning to understand" he said.

"I had lunch with him on Sunday, and now he's gone, he's not able to talk to me anymore" said Wong.

According to that same search warrant, another roommate of Hathaway's told police that recently, Hathaway had been acting unusual, and that he'd told that roommate he was experiencing financial and academic difficulties.

There will be a campus-wide convocation Wednesday, where Falwell will address students on Tuesday's shooting.