Despite Hardship, Fifth Street Brings Art and Culture To Community

Lynchburg, VA- Fifth Street in Lynchburg has faced its share of struggles recently. From the businesses that have shut down and moved out, to the seemingly never-ending construction. But Saturday, the community came together to show Lynchburg that Fifth Street is up and running. Saturday, Fifth street was buzzing with different events, vendors, and music.

Those involved say they wanted to show the community that despite the rough couple of yearsfifth street has the potential to become an arts and culture hub for the city of Lynchburg. The 5th Street Community Development Corporation is a non-profit that works with the city and the Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation to promote culture and arts along 5th street, and they have high hopes for the area.

5th Street hosted multiple organizations. Children participated in a playwriting session where they wrote about their town, and live music was performed all afternoon.

All the events Saturday were leading up to the play "Our Town" tonight at Old City Cemetery. The play is being put on by End Station Theater Company-- they're the ones who hosted that play writing session. Event Coordinators say they couldn't think of a better way to end their day of promoting arts and culture.