Derecho Damage Affecting Christmas

Lynchburg, VA - Damage from the derecho that hit our area nearly six months ago, is still affecting one Lynchburg family.

The owner says the damage is preventing his family from decorating for Christmas, and decorating he says has always been a Brown Family tradition.

You may remember, Chris Brown and his family lived for months after the storm, with a tarp covering their roof.

But nearly six months later a lot of progress has been made, but there are still repairs to be done.

Until those repairs are done the Christmas season simply can't begin for the Brown Family.

"My wife was brought up that after Thanksgiving, that's when Christmas begins, with your lights and your tree and everything else she has. But that can't be done because we still have work to do," said Brown.

Repairs that still need to be done include new gutters, paint, and fixing the front of the roof. The roof was reconstructed once by the contractor but wasn't put on right, so that also needs to be fixed.

Brown says some decorations could go up, but when construction begins again all those decorations would have to come back down, slowing down the process even more.

"I don't want to slow it down no more than what it already is, I just want it done and over," said Brown.

Despite the headache that the storm has caused, Chris Brown says he is still thankful for a roof over his head as well as his wife and kids.