Deputy Takes Drug Dealer's Ride

Bedford Co., VA - Drug dealers who try to take people for a ride in Bedford County could have their rides taken away by police.

The most recent addition to the Sheriff's Office fleet is a 2002 Chevy Tahoe, seized from a juvenile drug dealer, and it is saving money.

There's now one fewer vehicle for the office to replace.

The decals and lights were added.

The school resource officer at Forest Middle has been driving the truck for about three weeks and gets a lot of attention.

They'll ask 'man what happened? How did you get this? Why did the sheriff do this?' And we show them the back bumper and it says unwillingly donated by a Bedford County drug dealer and then it turns it right back around. Here we are at the schools, and when we talk to the kids about it they say, 'you can take a vehicle for drugs?'" said School Resource Officer Dep. Randy Smith.

The Tahoe replaces Deputy Smith's older Suburban.

School resource officers typically have larger vehicles to haul the things they need for community events.