Deputies Bust Drug Ring, Arrest 14 People

      Buckingham Co., VA - Buckingham and Cumberland Sheriff's Offices arrested 14 people in a drug bust Thursday.

      The investigation has been on-going since December of last year.

      The teams were armed with 35 grand jury indictments and 14 criminal warrants.

      There are a plethora of charges:

      27 for possession with the intent to distribute

      7 charges of distributing controlled substance on or near school property

      5 charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana

      1 charge of possession of cocaine

      5 charges of possession of firearm with controlled substance

      1 charge of breaking and entering

      1 charge of destruction of property

      2 charges of child neglect/abuse

      Deputies also recovered pills, marijuana, powdered and crack cocaine, and heroin.

      Deputies are still looking for three people.