Department of Emergency Management Releases CSX Rail Report

Lynchburg, VA - We now know how much crude oil travels through the state during the week. CSX says two to five tanker trains carrying more than a million gallons each of crude oil come through Virginia during the week.The information comes after a train derailed in downtown Lynchburg on April 30, dumping crude oil into the James River."It's stamped with what CSX stamped as proprietary information," said Lynchburg City Manager Kimball Payne.The proprietary information is now in the hands of the general public.In a statement, The Virginia Department of Emergency Management released the report, in part, to "remove the perception that anything is being kept from response authorities or the public."Lynchburg City Manager Kimball Payne says the information released was no big secret."The comment that I saw was they said the information was available from other sources, anyway, so they felt like it was appropriate to release it," Payne said.In addition to information on the trains themselves, CSX included information for emergency responders on how to handle a situation involving Bakken crude.Fire Chief Brad Ferguson says the information is helpful, but his department is already taking the lead in preparations."I don't know that this additional information really does anything for us, as far as what we need to do. We feel like we're taking all the proper steps to be prepared," Ferguson said.In the statement, The Department of Emergency Management say they will be requesting that CSX develop a procedure, so communities can notify CSX of special events, keeping trains away from events near the Riverfront, like "Friday Cheers".Even if another train never derails in Lynchburg, Payne says the more information they have, the better."We just need to be aware, even if it's one train a year coming through, we need to understand the potential that the train, the risk that train brings to the community," Payne said.