Democrats Introduce State Delegate Candidates

Roanoke, VA - Democrats from across our viewing area running for the Virginia House of Delegates met in Roanoke today to announce their official platform.

It was part of a state wide introduction blitz that included Democratic Caucus Leader David Toscano.

Toscano introduced a slate of six candidates vying for districts from Lynchburg to Wythe County.

They included 22nd District Candidate Katie Webb Cyphert, who is taking on incumbent Republican Kathy Byron.

"I feel as though the state has gotten a bit off kilter ah in the General Assembly in Richmond, and that again we're not getting good solutions to the real problems, so I'm hoping that by helping to resurrect that good strong two party system will have a return to sanity and some good solutions," said Webb Cyphert.

Cyphert is one of 37 Democratic challengers that will join 30 incumbent Democrats for a chance to regain control of the House of Delegates.