Delivery Delays: Dealing With Christmas Package Problems

Lynchburg, VA - You thought you'd get your shopping done early. Maybe you did it all online, and now, you're just waiting for that knock at the door. Well sometimes it's not that easy. With millions of packages slated to be sent out by Christmas, some inevitably, slip through the cracks.

"This Christmas here really proves it, it's really, really busy with packages" said Ted Bell, the Operations Manager at Lynchburg's Odd Fellow's Road Post Office.

At the Post Office packages are plentiful; this year's holiday stock, up 14% from 2012.

"Our delivery standards are what they are and if a shipper promised them something else, then we may or may not be able to meet that" said Bell.

He says he sees it happen every year. Presents bought online; your manufacturer may tell you it'll arrive one day, when in reality, it'll likely hit your door more than a week later.

"They haven't mailed it in time, they haven't sent it the proper way, so sometimes a shipper might give a customer an unrealistic expectation" he said.

Well, what can you do?

Try following your tracking number. Nowadays, one's designated for nearly every package via the Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

Cause if you procrastinate, you'll know if you need to get out and pick up a new present.

"If they keep up with it as it travels through the system, they can pretty much expect when they ought to get it delivered to their house" said Bell.

"The emails are nice to know that it's already shipped and know that I'll be expecting it in the next couple of days" said one USPS customer.

But the number one solution, we're sort to say, for you, it may be too late.

It's better to buy early, to guarantee your package will be a present by Christmas.

"I'm still waiting on things to come in, so I hope some of them come before Christmas" said one man.

Technically, if you still need to ship something before Christmas, it's an option. Bring your package to the post office, and priority mail express guarantees an overnight delivery.

But with ordering a gift online now, you may be risking it this late in the game.