Deer Collisions Increase as Weather Changes

Danville, VA - You've probably already dodged at least one of them. The deer are out for the fall mating season.

The Danville Department of Public Works is getting a lot of deer related calls.

Many drivers in Danville have already seen deer out on the roads and land development is driving them closer and closer into the city.

"When deer season means we know it's going to be a good Christmas!" said Stallings Collision Center Manager Jeff Farmer.

It's a profitable time of year for auto repair shops.. but maybe not so good for the rest of us.

"As development occurs, they lose their home area and they tend to want to move more, so that creates them going across the streets and roads within the city, " said Public Works Sanitation Division Director Tim Spicer.

That's especially bad news at night when the deer are most active.

So keep your eyes peeled.

"Deer are social or pack animals and they travel in groups, so if you see one there's bound to be more."

"We'll see cars come in with deer damage, anywhere between three and five cars a day during the peak fall season when they really start running around, " said Farmer.

If you end up crossing paths with one, Farmer says don't swerve to miss it or you could end up hitting another car or object.

For those of you thinking about deer may want to save your bucks. The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says the whistle have not been shown to be effective.

Jeff Farmer could not agree more.

"They do not work, so I suggest people just save their money and maybe just take out some rental coverage on their insurance policy," Farmer said.