Deer Crashes Through New Tobacco Store on Grand Opening Day

Danville,VA-- A new tobacco store in the Nor-Dan shopping center in Danville was getting ready to celebrate their grand opening earlier this week.

But one visitor wanted make sure it was the first customer at Sammy's Tobacco -- a deer.

Just a couple minutes before they opened their doors for business on Monday the deer came crashing through the front window.

A store employee said soon as it got into the store, it kept slipping and sliding and left several scratches on the floor.

It made its way to the back of the store and a manager was able to open the back door so it could run out.

As you can imagine, it was a huge shock.

The employees had just put the finishing touches on that front window, cleaning and shining it, before the deer came through it.

"When I walked in I didn't notice anything," said Ralph King, who does maintenance for the store. "I do the windows and I just thought I had done a great job. When I walked in you could see scratches on the floor and startled look on Sam's face and he told me about the incident with his first customer, the deer that morning, it was something, I told him it was good luck."

That deer didn't stop Sammy's Tobacco from keeping business running that day. They got their front window replaced on Wednesday.