Decision Pushed Back on CT Scanners for Centra and DRMC

Pittsylvania County, VA - It's going to be fall before a decision on whether or not Centra and Danville Regional Medical Center will get CT scanners in their Pittsylvania County facilities.

In Richmond, a fact finding committee heard both sides again after DRMC appealed a state recommendation to give scanners to both organizations.

Officials say the state department of health was preparing to make their final decision, but the committee will have to consider all of the concerns brought forward at yesterday's meeting.

DRMC appealed the recommendation to grant two certificates of public need, asking the state to only consider granting a scanner for their medical facility in Chatham.

Centra, who plans to build an emergent care center in Gretna, accused DRMC of acting out of fear of competition in the area.

Gretna district Supervisor Jerry Hagerman was at that meeting and agrees with Centra's concerns.

"Some of Danville Regional's officials actually said that they wanted to protect their gain and their future gains, " said Hagerman.

DRMC and Centra officials could not be reached for comment.

Hagerman says Centra plans to proceed with breaking ground on their new facility in May, but only time will tell if they will be getting a new CT scanner to go with it.