Debbie Halvorsen

Debbie was nominated by her daughter Marie:

At age 58, my mother Debbie, is now a foster mother to a 3-year-old boy with autism and a 14-year-old girl. She also fosters puppies and kittens from the Almost Home Shelter in Nelson County. She has successfully found homes for a large number of those animals. She does this all while keeping her granddaugther full time while I work. I am her only birth daughter, but her fostering began many years ago in New York and continued when she moved to Virginia in 2006.

Debbie is on disability for a severe back injury that left her with the inability to stand for long periods, to lift, and to walk.

When I nearly lost my life in 2011, Debbie sat with me in the ICU, holding my hand while in her own pain. She talked to me about why I needed to pull through and what a beautiful little girl I had to live for. She took me home after several weeks of intensive care, and basically nursed me back to health for three months. She has had several back surgeries, and although her spine is deteriorating, she refuses to let that stop her from 'changing the world'.